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Innovation through Research & Development drives our success. Get the inside track on what we are working on.

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Tech Talks

Tech Talks

Evolving our craft and learning new technologies is part of our DNA. Regular tech talks lets us share that knowledge within our team and beyond.

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Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Our experience building software products ensures that our tech stack improves and matures along with us.

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What is it like to be an Engineer at Newsweaver?

Newsweaver is a challenging and rewarding environment. Our team is fun, dynamic, highly motivated (and a little bit obsessed with cake). We encourage everyone to learn and move quickly, adopting new technologies as we need them. Here’s what team members have to say.

 Developers at Newsweaver

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We use agile methodologies, both Scrum & Kanban. Microservices and DevOps enables us to operate a continuous deployment model. We deploy to our own private cloud, with data centers globally. This means customers can choose where their data is stored.

Languages and Frameworks

Always a work in progress, our tech stack includes:

Languages and Frameworks

Technologies at Newsweaver

The Technologies we use:

  • Microservices and Services Orientated Architecture.
  • Consumer Driven Contracts reduces the risks of changing microservices
  • Dropwizard to help us write lean and measurable services
  • Graphite with Grafana for monitoring
  • Stash/Bamboo for build creation
  • Ansible is our automation tool of choice. We automate deployments and pretty much anything we can!
  • Docker containers for deployment
  • Kubernetes is used for deployment management and replication of images on our servers
  • airbnb's SmartStack works for us, for service discovery
  • Sonarqube code quality checks
  • JaCoCo to fail builds for lack of coverage, issues count or technical debt

At Newsweaver we have learned a lot from the tech community. We think we can and should contribute.


Along with company benefits, our development team have unique benefits, including:

Choice of computer (Macbook Pros are standard issue) In-house Tech Talks
Scheduled research time Opportunities to attend relevant conferences
Safari online account

So Come And Join Us

Nothing here for you right now? We are growing fast and we want to hire talented people so connect with us - you may be part of our future - careers[at] We currently hiring for the following positions:

Sorry: We prefer to deal direct so it’s a no to recruitment agencies/consultancies.