Create Your Future With Us

Create Your Future With Us

Leader in the field of communication technology


are a leader in the field of communication technology and ranked in the top 300 fastest-growing technology companies in Europe. Our SaaS technology solutions transform how global organizations communicate with their employees

Collaborate & Learn


will be part of an exciting Irish success story - helping Newsweaver expand across the globe. You will contribute, influence, collaborate, stretch and learn...every day

Team work


we will be a team working and learning with top colleagues in our technology sector. Oh... and while we’re doing this we’ll have fun, and eat lots of cake

Software Development at Newsweaver

We use agile methodologies, both Scrum & Kanban. Microservices and DevOps enable us to operate a continuous deployment model.

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Success and Happiness at Newsweaver

As pioneers in the field of employee engagement, we have what others dream of - Success and Happiness.  We are passionate about leading other companies towards that dream. Our world-leading technologies help organizations better communicate with their employees.

Being part of that vision inspires and exhilarates us. We are shaping a future that has the employee at the heart of every company.

Success and Happiness at Newsweaver

Together at Newsweaver

Named one of the 2015 Great Places to Work, we’re headquartered in the middle of Ireland’s ‘Silicon Valley’, we also have offices in Boston, USA. We’re building a culture based on professionalism, innovation and a dash of Cork’s famous sense of humor.

Newsweaver Team
Great Places To Work
The work environment is exciting and challenging professionally, with the threads of family values and a strong sense of community woven throughout. We are unashamedly human in our approach to each and every one of our employees.
Newsweaver Team

We hire the best and we give you the best - the best technology and equipment, the best environment, the best colleagues, and the best opportunities for you to develop and to influence the success of your company.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have a flexible approach to work schedules that protects and respects work-life balance. We want you to work hard towards our success - but then we want you to go home and regenerate.