A canvassing blog post: re-election to the DMA UK Email Marketing Council

This is not one of my usual content-driven blog posts…

I decided to use this channel today to reach out to readers who are members of the DMA UK to ask for your vote.

I currently sit on the DMA UK Email Marketing Council, and also serve on the Partnership Hub and Communication and Events Hub within the Council. Over the last three years the collaborative work with many Council peers in the email marketing space has provided deep insight into the current issues and challenges facing email marketing – that I can pass on to you, as well as influencing its future.

Each term is three years, and then a Council member has to stand for re-election. I have now served my three years and am up for re-election.

If you are a member of the DMA UK, I would be honoured if you would cast a vote for me. There are also a number of other Councils listed, so you can impact who serves on Councils thoughout the DMA UK. Voting is open right now, and closes 5.30pm on Friday 2 March 2012.

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