Increasing clicks in your emails with the use of microsites

Marketers understand the power of including links in an email. They generally create and send emails that have calls to actions through external links, e.g. to a specific landing page on the website created by their IT team, to a deep link on the website – or simply a link to the home page of the website.

Many times marketers do not have access to the metrics resulting from these external links, and are therefore missing out on a sizeable portion of the power of email marketing. If the marketer does have access to metrics tracking clicks, they’ll be experiencing some of the benefits of email marketing.

I can suggest something that is both highly measureable AND will increase engagement by at least 30%. It’s Newsweaver’s newsletter software microsite technology. The best way to describe a “microsite” is it’s a multi-page newsletter, or a dedicated mini-website — essentially a home on the web for the content of each of your email newsletters.  It increases engagement because our studies found that readers tended to click and read more articles and take more actions with newsletter content when it was quick, easy and convenient to move between articles rather than every link taking the reader to a different destination each time.

To illustrate the concept of back pages, here is our own newsletter, the business of email. Note that each article on the cover page of the newsletter links to a back page article. The reader remains within the newsletter and can click “return to the cover page”, or click on a different article from the left hand column’s table of contents.

Also, notice that  each page of the newsletter has its own unique URL:

  • Cover page –
  • Best practice article
  • How to article –
  • Webinar article –
  • Case study –

This means you can take a link of an article and share it – you don’t have to share the whole newsletter.  Instead of posting a link, say on your social network, to the whole Business of Email newsletter, you could post a link to a specific article.  (You don’t need IT skills to create back pages – they are auto-generated in your Newsweaver account, as and when you need them.)

Did you know? Videos in emails can increase links by 2x – 3x times (source: Forrester).

Another huge benefit of using this concept of the multi-page email newsletter is the fact that you can embed rich media, such as video, without delivery issues. Because your microsite-based email newsletter lives on the web, rather than in an email, you can effortlessly embed multimedia content (video, slideshows, surveys, interactive flash, etc.) in your newsletter’s back page and not hinder delivery of the cover page into your subscribers’ inbox.

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