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The Send process has been updated

Based on feedback from our customers and how they use our email newsletter software, Newsweaver has updated the Send Process, making the job of testing, reviewing and sending your email even easier. We decided to change the Send functionality because customers repeatedly told us that testing emails and getting feedback and input from others is one…

Research & Benchmarking

Designs we love: The Bond Buzz Newsletter

“What I love most about the new BOND Buzz design is the flexibility; Bond can now create four very different style newsletters from one template.” Our customer, Bond Adapt, felt ‘The BOND Buzz’ existing design was in need of a general update, which included refreshing the layout, and updating the look and feel to tie in…

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Insight Report 2012 shows email remains an indispensable channel for marketers

Newsweaver today published the results of the annual Email Marketing Insight Report conducted in association with The Marketing Institute. The report, which details current practices and trends in the use of email marketing in Ireland, confirms that “email continues to be an indispensable channel for Irish marketers”, says Tom Trainor, Chief Executive of The Marketing…

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