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Mobile email newsletters – what you need to know right now

There is no doubt that your subscribers are now accessing email newsletters with smartphones. A recent Nielsen survey found 68% of UK smartphone owners used their device to check email in the past 30 days; and more than 35% of UK smartphone users check their work email address in their free time. (Firstsource/YouGov). Mobile email…

Email Marketing

What’s meant by the term bulk email?

A meme is an idea or image that captures people’s attention and gets shared around the internet. There’s one going around right now that involves describing  ‘what people think I do’…  It has been adopted for a variety of interests and business… This Email Marketing one caught my eye – of course – and made…

Email Marketing

Here are some no-excuse email personalization ideas

Did you know that marketers who use email personalization… Achieved up to a 57% higher rate of conversion* Achieved up to a 30% increase in opens* Achieved up to a 50% increase in clicks* Do I have your attention? It’s clear, personalising your emails is powerful – yet, one of the biggest challenges I hear from marketers…

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Email marketing – How it is like James Bond

I recently spoke at the DMX event held in Dublin. It was a fantastic Digital Marketing Conference, and was fascinating to hear the Keynote speaker, Teddy Goff from the Obama re-election campaign, talk how email marketing played and essential role in fundraising for Obama’s re-election campaign (Most of the $690 million raised digitally was attributable…

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