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Email marketing is an ideal communication channel for B2B marketers

Email marketing is cost effective, immediate, measurable and great for quickly testing what works and what doesn’t work – all extremely important where marketing budgets tend to smaller, the purchase decision-making process more complex and forging strong customer relationships is fundamental for success. The real value of email to B2B marketers is in its measurability…

Email Marketing

Econsultancy Report reveals 46% surge in marketing emails sent

Over the past few months both print and social have featured articles saying email marketing is dead or on its way out. But numerous recent surveys show that email remains a popular channel with both consumers and in business. While there are a number of new challenges facing email marketing campaigns in order to stand…

Email Marketing

Name recognition drives opens in mobile emails

What compels people to open emails on mobiles? eMarketers compiled recent research on what influences consumers to open emails on their mobile devices: 25% said the name in from field was the No. 1 influencer. 70% said they were likely to open emails from brands whose products they often purchased online or in brick-and-mortar stores.…

Email Marketing

Most effective incentives for email marketing list building

In a recent MarketingSherpa survey marketers were asked what incentives captured the most subscribers. What incentives work best for building an email marketing list? The biggest incentives are white-papers or other premium content (29%). The next group, all at 19%: webinars, exclusive access/offer, discounts/coupons.  The lower performers: competitions (10%) and gift cards (6%). As MarketingSherpa…

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