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Best Practice

Writing email marketing content? Repurpose, repackage and recycle

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) has an essential message about your content – and that is to make it work harder for you. Everything you generate is content marketing – including the content you create for your email marketing. When developing a content strategy marketers generally say that one of the biggest challenges they face…

Research & Benchmarking

Marketers are increasing the use of video in email marketing campaigns

Marketing Council, ReelSEO and Flimp Media Marketers reports an increase amongst marketers using video in their email marketing campaigns. While most survey respondents already use video as part of their website marketing content (83.9%) and for YouTube marketing (65.2%), an increasing number say they’re now using it specifically for video email marketing – or as…

Research & Benchmarking

What images have the most impact in your email marketing?

AlchemyWorx does quite a bit of research into every area of email marketing, and the agency always tackles topics that are of huge interest to marketers. A recent look at the use of images within the email revealed some interesting results. They tested one edition of an email marketing newsletter with images portraying different meanings…

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