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Newsletter Benchmark stats for: Member Associations, Internal Communications

Email marketing excels in more than just the customer and prospect communication channels. It works for a wide variety of communication channels, including: internal, franchise, retailers, education, resellers, stakeholders, press and member associations. I recently aggregated three months worth of stats for all Member Association and all Internal Communication newsletters published through the Newsweaver system…

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Excellent example of a 3rd party promotional mail

Third party promotional emails are sent to subscribers who have given permission to the list owner to send emails to them from other companies. These are generally sent in addition to the company’s regular mailings. A list rental is the purchase of access to an email list that has this type of permission from their…

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Why using ALL CAPS in a subject line is a bad idea

I’ve just finished reading Debbie Weil’s The Corporate Blogging Book. It’s fantastic! She really got my creative juices flowing and gave me loads of ideas about blogging … I’ll post my thoughts and highlights from the book soon. Right now I want to mention this most interesting little nugget of a stat that I gleaned…

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Ten reasons for moving your newsletter from print to email

The Top Ten reasons – there are plenty more, but it’s a good start: 10. Email remains extremely popular. A recent Stanford University study found that 90% of the 4,000 participants said email was their #1 activity on the internet. Ten years on, despite everything – e.g. spam, new communication channels – email remains the…

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