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Best Practice

Shared emails can increase click-throughs by 50%

A recent study reported by found that the sharing of an email message on Facebook provides an appealing recommendation factor. The report notes that this sharing not only extends the reach of your email beyond the inbox – it has been proven to increase click-through rates on the links by up to 50%. So,…

Best Practice

The best subject lines

Let’s take a look at the best newsletter names for your emails – and ways to increase your opens and clicks by making a few changes to your subject lines. First things first: Your from field First, I want to emphasise the important job your from field plays in getting opened and clicked. It needs to…

Research & Benchmarking

Using images to the best effect in your newsletters

I conducted a webinar last week on email design (you can view the 45 minute webinar here). One of the 8 steps to follow in pulling together a design template guide for your designer, is identifying how you are going to use images in your newsletter. I spent some time talking about the use of…

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