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Looking good everywhere

Denise Cox, our lead consultant at Newsweaver, recently conducted a webinar about Design Strategy. I worked with her in covering the approaches needed to make sure your email marketing design displays well and as intended on all platforms – from desktop, laptop, tablets to mobile. This article is a quick look at how this can…

Best Practice

Unsubscribes can be a good thing

Unsubscribes can give you insight into ways to improve what you are sending.  Rather than hiding the unsubscribe process – thinking that this will keep people on your list – instead adopt a  “we make it easy to unsubscribe because we know you won’t want to” approach.  Look at your current unsubscribes as a opportunity…

Email Marketing

Newsweaver shares customer retention success story at Cloudforce Essentials in Dublin

Newsweaver will share its customer retention success story at the Cloudforce 2012 Social Enterprise Essentials taking place in Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin, 28th June 2012. The Cloudforce Essentials, organised by, aims to show how companies can become a Social Enterprise and will cover sales, customers services, collaboration, social media monitoring and how companies…

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