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5 Reasons to redesign your email template

One of the questions our design team regularly gets asked is ‘how do we know it’s time to do a redesign of our newsletter template?’  It’s a good question, as it’s important to regularly check to ensure your template is still working as well as it did originally. I’ve created a list of potential situations…

Research & Benchmarking

Email metrics, measurements and trends

You’ve probably heard how email is so measurable. And if you’re reading this, you are most likely already taking advantage of that ability. But are you taking full advantage of every aspect – and depth – of this trackability? Yes, there are overview metrics, such as opens and clicks; but there is significant business intelligence…

Email Marketing

Tomorrow’s world in today’s inbox

I’m speaking at the CIPR’s Internal Communication Conference in London on Wednesday the 7th of November – talking about ‘Tomorrow’s world in today’s inbox’. What do I mean by ‘tomorrow’? It’s a reflection on how quickly the digital world is evolving and changing the way we engage with information and content. Probably the biggest impact…

Research & Benchmarking

Designs we love: map matters newsletter

Rob from really wanted a fresh and modern take on their brand. Their old newsletter was crammed full of great content, but the layout was making it difficult to read. My chief aim was to design a newsletter that was clutter-free, easy to scan and well structured – with a unique and modern identity…

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