Beyond the written word

I’ve just finished recording eight 90-second videos for Newsweaver. We’re calling them ‘Newsweaver 90s’, and we’ll be producing them regularly.

I selected the topics based on pain points that are regularly experienced by all marketers when it comes to getting the most out of email marketing.

This first series includes: ideas for building lists, how to combine email and social, easy personalization, creating compelling calls to action, the from field (your secret weapon), and setting goals for the success of your email campaigns.

Producing these videos gives me an opportunity to put into action an idea I always promote when I speak to customers or at events. That is – thinking beyond the written word. We live in a digital age and expect to select not only where we want to get content, but how we want to absorb it. While the ‘traditional’ written article still has a firm place in your online newsletter, you need to think about offering your content in other forms to increase your chances of engagement.

In producing these videos, I am now offering the content beyond the written word. But I’m taking it a step further to widen the chances for engagement. I’m going to give people three choices: the video, a transcript of the video and an audio-only version.

HERE’S THE BONUS! Because email is measurable, and if you include links to these different types of content in your email newsletters – you’ll be able to measure engagement.

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