What is the best day to send your email marketing?

What is the most asked question in email marketing? Without a doubt it is – what’s the best day to send?

Here are a few of MarketingSherpa’s findings:

Finding: Weekend email marketing sends are the least effective. Sunday was rated the least effective day to send emails, with Saturday following close behind.

Finding: Tuesday was rated as the most effective day for sending emails. Wednesday was tied with Tuesday for most effective email marketing send results.

What does this all mean for email marketing?

There is no single right answer for the best day to send that applies to every company.

To illustrate that point, MarketingSherpa looked at the breakout data for the weekend data:

  • Sunday was still the ‘least effective’ for B2C marketers, but only 23% rated it as ‘least effective’, while 55% of B2B marketers rated Sunday ‘least effective’.
  • Marketers working in the professional, personal and financial services industries rated Saturday as least effective.
  • While 20% of marketers in retail, e-commerce or wholesale distribution rated Sunday as least effective, 40% gave the day a four or five (most effective). And, a whopping 60% of software, software as a service or video game marketers rated Sunday as least effective.

So just taking it as simply not the right day isn’t the answer. You need to look at how low or high it was rated as far as effectiveness. And then think about this matters to you.

Before you set up a campaign that closely follows these findings, keep these factors in mind when considering email marketing timing.

First  – you should be testing to find out what works best for you!

Remember it is what works best for your products and services and sales cycle – not someone else’s.  Start by identifying clearly your objectives and goals of your campaigns: What should you send? Who should you send it to? When should you send it?

Use the MarketingSherpa results to help you decide your testing strategy. You have a benchmark for what has worked for others, and it sets out a good place to start. For example, if you’ve been sending on Sunday, perhaps now try testing a Tuesday send. It may turn out that Sunday is your best result. (And if it’s low, test subject lines, and times next to maximise results for that day.)

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