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The Send process has been updated

Based on feedback from our customers and how they use our email newsletter software, Newsweaver has updated the Send Process, making the job of testing, reviewing and sending your email even easier. We decided to change the Send functionality because customers repeatedly told us that testing emails and getting feedback and input from others is one…

Research & Benchmarking

Email metrics, measurements and trends

You’ve probably heard how email is so measurable. And if you’re reading this, you are most likely already taking advantage of that ability. But are you taking full advantage of every aspect – and depth – of this trackability? Yes, there are overview metrics, such as opens and clicks; but there is significant business intelligence…

Research & Benchmarking

Why you should put videos in your emails

In this digital age, giving people a choice in how to engage with your content is very important. While the written word will always be at the core of content provision – you need to think beyond the written word. Add videos into the content mix Our customers are having tremendous success with videos in…

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