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Research & Benchmarking

The three elements that will determine the success of your survey

Here are three elements of a survey that can lead to failure or success: 1. The survey is complicated or confusing To fail: Questions are double-barreled or measure two different things. Both negatively worded and positively worded statements are used in the survey. Different rating scales are used. These types of questions provide mixed results, as…

Social Media

Driving the success of your social strategy with email marketing

What is the secret to success in today’s digital world? It’s moving beyond marketing in silos – to a multichannel strategy where email and social media work together. Here are three tips to help you make email the glue in your social media strategy: 1. Share your social networks in your newsletter Promote your company’s…

Research & Benchmarking

Videos in email marketing… what’s best right now?

The possibility of playing video directly within an email has been ‘on the horizon’ and rising quickly. Video in email marketing Smartphones (esp iOS), using HTML5, can now support video playing in email clients. Embedding videos vs linking to videos is something marketers need to revisit in their email marketing strategy on a regular basis.…

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