Structured Credit Investor (SCI) uses dynamic content for advanced personalisation

By implementing dynamic content we have more than doubled our open rates.” John Owen Waller, Structured Credit Investor


Since 2006, SCI’s website has provided critical, timely and valuable investor analysis on a paid-subscription basis. The company also sent an email newsletter to drive subscribers to their online account. John Owen Waller,Managing Director, says the company needed a solution that would let them send a more personalised newsletter to customers – giving them only content that was of interest to them. SCI also needed to have one view of their customers, and wanted a system that could be synched with their proprietary CRM system. This single view of the customer would allow SCI to segment their data and target customers and prospects with relevant content in the newsletters, as well as provide the option to send targeted single-message flyers promoting events, special interests and sponsorships.

Structured Credit NewsletterSolution:

SCI chose Newsweaver because they were able to design and create highly personalised emails, give them access to business intelligence that would provide the data to better understand their customers to drive more relevant timely and targeted newsletters and flyers. In addition, SCI needed a solution that was easy for the team to create and send emails.

Also, Newsweaver offered an open API (application programming interface) to connect to their SCI proprietary CRM system. The data automatically transfers both ways so they are synched and up to date. Having access to this depth of data in their account allows them to identify and target data groups to send one-message flyers featuring relevant information such as events and sponsorships.

To start the project, SCI worked with the Newsweaver design team to create a newsletter template that could accommodate any level of personalisation and dynamic content – including general content for non-paying subscribers.


John says that SCI are very happy with the results, and now have the tools in place to further their dynamic content plans. He finds Newsweaver “intuitive to use; editing pages of content is very straightforward. Plus, the reporting is immediate and offers great insight” He also points to the help from support, from implementing the open API, through to the design, “The support we get adds huge value to our use of Newsweaver.”

The benefits they’ve seen using Newsweaver include:

  • Implementation of dynamic content has doubled open rates. SCI newsletters now feature dynamic content, which includes articles and sections that appear and disappear depending on the reader’s interests. The emails are highly personalised, and extend the personalisation of subject lines highlighting articles relevant to the reader’s interests. SCI have seen their open rates double since moving to dynamic content, which John credits to the timelier, targeted and relevant emails.
  • A flexible template designs allows for advanced personalisation options– John says the design team was very helpful in helping SCI create a flexible newsletter and flyer template that could easily accommodate advanced personalisation of content and sections. 
  • Reduced time spent on sending customer communications –  By taking advantage of Newsweaver’s automation and open API features, SCI is able to save time on every aspect of creating and sending their email communications. For example John says they publish articles onto the website and using the API they are also put into their Newsweaver account. He then simply logs in, makes a few small tweaks to content, tests his emails and sends. This time saving with the API extends to dynamically generating personalised subject lines for each subscriber. John says they plan to save further time by using Newsweaver’s Scheduled Send functionality.
  • Synching with API has streamlined the data sharing process– The data automatically transfers both ways so they are synched and always up to date. This eliminates out of date information, and ensures business intelligence from email campaigns is shared in SCI’s CRM system.
  • Increased frequency of email sends leading to deeper customer engagement. Using flyers in addition to newsletters lets SCI increase the frequency of their mailings, which in turn has deepened customer engagement. Newsweaver’s Saved Search facility allows SCI to segment specific groups of subscribers, based on data fields such as location – or on metrics from newsletter mailings, such as opens and clicks. These segments are updated dynamically and get sent their one-message flyers.
  • Deep reporting and analytics measures response –  Using Newsweaver gives SCI the ability to generate tailored reports – using these to monitor engagement and responses to newsletters and flyers. John says with the reports they are able to see an increase in responses now that subscribers are receiving emails based on their data preferences. They are also able to use the business intelligence to manage groups of subscribers, for example trending inactive subscribers and implementing a re-engagement programme.

“Newsweaver is intuitive to use; editing pages of content is very straightforward. Plus, the reporting is immediate and offers great insight”  John Owen Waller, Structured Credit Investor