Shell creates a bi-weekly global email newsletter with personalised content

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies that operate in more than 140 countries and employ more than 112,000 people worldwide. Downstream is the biggest product line within Shell, employing about 80,000 people. As part of a change from a regional to a global organisation, Downstream uses Newsweaver technology to streamline its email newsletter communication.


While undergoing the transition to become a global organisation, Downstream needed to implement one central communication vehicle. This was a drastic change from sending a selection of regional/local internal communications, as it had done at a regional level. As Downstream combines a number of diverse classes of businesses, a key challenge was to ensure that the information being sent was relevant and of value to its diverse audience. In addition, the solution needed to provide a cost-effective way of communicating globally with a diverse audience on a regular basis. An important requirement was that it was logistically straightforward to administer.


Downstream chose Newsweaver because it provides an email newsletter solution that allows it to create a newsletter with personalised content tailored to each individual reader’s profile. “With Newsweaver, we can send truly dynamic and personalised global email newsletters to a very varied and diverse audience, keeping them up to date on developments within the organisation,” explains Axel Pommeraenke, Internal Media Manager, Shell Downstream. Using Newsweaver, Downstream sends a bi-weekly, dynamic email newsletter to staff, providing up-to-date corporate information as well as regular updates on relevant developments within the organisation. The content is automatically generated depending on the reader’s profile, which was captured in the sign-up process. Each reader receives an email newsletter with tailored content and articles that are relevant to their own business and function areas, as well as some corporate Downstream information.


By using Newsweaver, Downstream simplified the publication of its internal communications to a diverse audience with varying information requirements. Key employees now receive a bi-weekly email newsletter containing relevant, timely information that is of real interest to them. Since its implementation, the newsletter has had a delivery rate of 99.5%, an open rate of 73% and a click-through rate of 33.8%.