NextiraOne achieves pan-European and local goals

Headquartered in Paris and Houston, NextiraOne is a leading global provider of integrated enterprise network solutions and services that enable effective, reliable business communications. NextiraOne made significant savings by adopting Newsweaver’s single email marketing solution to cover its pan-European needs.


NextiraOne set out to centralise its European email marketing to ensure that its customers and prospects were receiving regular communications, explains Andrew Davidson, Customer Solutions Marketing Manager. One stipulation was that the European email marketing communications would maintain a certain level of control over all email communications. This was to ensure consistent brand messages were being communicated in the 16 countries in which NextiraOne operates across Europe.

The company wanted something that would allow the central marketing team to track overall performance. It was also seeking a tool that would allow country managers to track their communications with their customers.


NextiraOne chose Newsweaver’s software because it offered a cost-effective solution that allowed both central marketing and individual country managers to meet their communications needs.

Crucially, central marketing was able to maintain brand control by providing design templates for the country managers and giving them access to centralised content. This team was also able to monitor overall performance by accessing reports about the email newsletters distributed in the 16 countries and amalgamating metrics.

Each of the country managers maintained independence through access to shared templates and a central content library. They could also add their own localised content and had their own customer reporting.


NextiraOne made significant savings by adopting one email marketing solution and buying as a group. Its central marketing division delivers a consistent brand message whilst giving a certain level of autonomy to country managers.

The analytics and tracking provided by Newsweaver allow NextiraOne to analyse the performance of its email activity across the company by country and even by article.

This provides the European central marketing team and the country managers with the feedback that they require to further refine and target their email communications. “Newsweaver has given us the opportunity to clearly demonstrate the value of email communication,” says Andrew. “The reporting that Newsweaver provides is crucial to the development of relevant messages and key to the ongoing nature of our relationship with our customers.”