Manpower Ireland personalise email newsletters for diverse recipients

Established in Ireland in 1974, Manpower Ireland offers employment expertise to organisations ranging from SMEs to multinationals. It decided to redesign its newsletter to increase the effectiveness of the communication and reader engagement. Using Newsweaver technology, Manpower’s email newsletters now include personalisation and stronger navigation as well as the addition of a flyer publication.


Manpower’s email newsletters are sent to directors, senior managers and managers in organisations of various sizes and across diverse sectors. Its main goals for its newsletter redesign were to increase reader engagement and promote clicks and conversions, explains Marina Nitoumbi, Marketing Executive for Manpower. “We wanted to maximise our ROI using Newsweaver,” she says. Manpower also wanted to build on existing client relationships.


The solution to this challenge was to use Newsweaver’s tools such as personalisation, topic sections and the addition of a flyer publication to work in tandem with the newsletter. Manpower implemented a number of elements to the newsletter layout to encourage increased engagement and promote clicks and conversions.

Besides giving the newsletter a stronger branded look, Manpower made more use of the left-hand column in the two-column template. It also introduced an ‘In this issue’ menu, easily identifiable sections, the ‘Request a callback’ feature, a survey and a ‘Contact us’ link that was personalised with details of the Manpower Ireland office sending the email newsletter.


The results experienced by Manpower included more visible and actionable calls to action. Personalisation has also been built in. Branch managers include a personalised note, including a personalised salutation, the manager’s photo and sign off.

As the final part of the plan, Newsweaver created a flyer template for Manpower. This is a user-friendly tool that can be quickly populated with content to communicate one action point or news item. Marina says they plan to use it “as a follow-up on the newsletter mailing should a particular sub-segment reveal a common interest”.

The newsletter design team worked with Marina to create a flexible flyer template that would allow it to be used for any type of single call-to-action mailing. A permanent branding strip along the top includes the Manpower banner, along with a horizontal group of links. The body of the flyer can now be used in any manner and feature any call-to-action link.