Online International Email Marketing Summit

A wide ranging group of email marketing experts are gathering online to impart their knowledge to you on Wednesday, 16th May at the International Email Marketing Summit.

I’ll be conducting my webinar/segment on CONTENT. Always a top challenge for marketers. So, join me at noon on Wednesday 16th of May:

Denise Cox: “Creating a successful content strategy for email marketing: 8 easy steps” (register here)

During my webinar, I’ll take you through 8 easy steps on how to create a successful content strategy.  Learn about where to source content, how best to use it and various types of content.

What you will learn:

  • Setting goals for your content and creating schedules for your content strategy
  • How to identify great sources of content within your organisation
  • How to distinguish the most compelling types of content to get shared and engage audiences
  • Engaging ways to present your content
  • What are the benefits and business intelligence achieved from a great content strategy which can be used to increase opens and clicks

(register here)

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