Using sections to group articles

Sections can be used in Templates to group how articles are displayed. It can be useful to group articles of a similar nature together to make it easier for Readers to browse through your content.

Sections can be used in conjunction with associated Topics so that Readers only see Content that matches their Profile, which makes your emails more relevant.

Not all Templates contain sections. This is something you can choose when your Template is being designed during your Account Setup.

To view the details of the sections and arrange the order in which they appear, click into the “Content” and then “Sections” tab:

Here you can:

  • Create new sections
  • View existing sections in selected template
  • Edit section settings
  • Rearrange the order in which sections appear

Edit Section Settings

You can change a Section name by clicking on it to open the settings and editing the Display Title.

You also have the option here to add a language and an image icon for that section. If you have dynamic content turned on in your account then you will also see the option to associate a Topic with this section.

Change Order of Sections

To change the order in which sections appear, use the green icons beside the section titles to drag and drop sections into a new order.

Create a new Section

To create a new section, simply click on the “New Section” button.

Give your section a name and a display title.

You also have the option to give your section an image icon.

If you want to use the new section for dynamic content then you can add a topic here.

Associating a Topic with a Display Section will only show content in that section to subscribers interested in that particular Topic.

Once you are happy with the details of your new section click “Save”.

You will now be able to see your new section in your template for the “Edit Page” tab.

New Section Created