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By denise cox posted in Email Marketing,

I recently met up with Jeanniey Mullen at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2007 to conduct a recorded interview with her about the formation of the email experience council (eec), and to also discuss the need for standardisation of metrics in our industry.

Here’s the .mp3 audio clip Total running time 16:45. I’ve listed the questions below that I asked, and noted where they’re located in the clip.

——> Introduction

Q1  0:42 When and why was the email experience council started?

Q2  1:24 Do you agree that there are needs for standardisation of metrics in the industry?

Q3  2:09 Are the members of the eec in the process of creating standardisation and education processes?

Q4  3:17 Who does the council represent?

Q5  4:40 Does the eec’s remit include both B2B and B2C email marketing?

Q6  5:57 Why do you find coming to conferences like this useful?

Q7  7:03 Can you talk about the different levels of membership, and the benefits?

Q8  11:10 What are some of the first benchmarks the council will be issuing?

Q9 14:01 The eec recently published a Rendering Report. Do you have any comments on the report, particularly regarding handhelds?

End 16:45

3 Responses to “Podcast with Jeanniey Mullen – email experience council”

  1. Ralph

    Hi denise

    Nice one. Just one thing. Can you set up your future podcasts so we can subscribe to them? That way I don’t need to worry about missing anything as my podcatcher of choice will do the work. :)


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