Internal Communications

Radically improve, control and measure the way you communicate with employees,
helping drive positive employee behavior and increase engagement.

Newsweaver Internal Connect is purpose-built for internal employee communications.

For CEO announcements, employee newsletters or managing events, our internal communication software will save you time and make you and your team look great.

High-Impact Employee Communications

Stand out in a crowded inbox. Bring your internal communications strategy to life and grab the attention of your audience by creating interactive, visually impressive emails that look great on every device.

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Champion Two-Way Internal Communications

Transform employee communication email into a powerful social channel that you can use to gather feedback, start conversations and share knowledge across your organization using Newsweaver internal communications tools.

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Measure your success

Track email performance and audience engagement with access to real-time statistics. Gain insights into how best to engage employees within your organization.

Smarter Event Management

Take the hassle out of event registration and maximise attendance with our smarter event management tool, improving internal communications instantly.

Boost Productivity

Our simple, intuitive system helps internal and corporate communicators achieve better results in less time and with less effort using our internal communications tools.

Improving internal communications

To see how Newsweaver Internal Connect can help tackle common internal corporate communications challenges, visit the How it Works section. Use cases for single message email bulletins, interactive employee newsletters, senior leader's communications, global employee roadshows plus the adoption of your Intranet.

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Our integrations puts data at your fingertips

Newsweaver provides a suite of integrations that allow you to access the employee data
you need for improving internal communications.

Active Directory Integration

Easily integrate with internal systems such as HR, via our REST-based API.

API Integration

Integrate with other internal systems via our REST-based API.

For more info please contact us or access our API documentation.

SharePoint Integration

Put content from your intranet straight in the emails you create in Newsweaver, using our SharePoint integration. No web part installation required. Request a demo to see our integrations at work.

Gain greater control of messages across your organization today!

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