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Introducing our free IC grader – immediately benchmark your Internal Communication

  December 8, 2014

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Employee Engagement – Top tips on how to encourage employee feedback

January 15, 5:52 PM BY Jamie Pert

A couple of weeks ago, we ran a blog outlining how internal communicators could transform email into a powerful social channel within their organization. If you missed that, you can read it here. We received a few questions asking how internal communicators could encourage more employees to share their thoughts and ideas through comments. Whether… Read more »

New webinar series: Six email challenges, and how to meet them head on

January 12, 7:24 PM BY denise cox

A recent Pew study found that email remains a top communications and information tools among online workers. Research we carried out with Ragan confirmed that, for internal communicators, email is one of the most used and most effective channels. Even with the proliferation of channel choices, email continues to have importance and value in the… Read more »

Are internal communication and change management the same thing?

January 5, 9:07 AM BY denise cox

I invited Andy Blacknell, who has been a guest on a number of our webinars, to write about whether internal communication and change management are the same thing.  Andrew Blacknell is a Change & Communication Consultant with over twenty years experience in internal communication and change management – both in-house and as a consultant based in… Read more »

If you can’t beat email, make it social.

December 22, 5:27 PM BY Jamie Pert

If you can’t beat email, make it social. That was the key message from SMiLE’s webinar last week. It surprises me how many still view email as a static, one-way channel. The technology is now there to create much more dynamic designs, with powerful metrics to boot. We can even transform email into a powerful… Read more »

5 internal communication trends to watch in 2015

December 17, 6:32 PM BY denise cox

It’s that time of year. Time to assess the past year and reflect on the year ahead. What are the five internal communication trends emerging for 2015? From treating employees like consumers to the inbox revolution, here are my five predictions. My predictions include going mobile, the new inbox, employees as consumers, video as storyteller… Read more »

Introducing our free IC grader – immediately benchmark your Internal Communication

December 8, 12:34 PM BY denise cox

  Email remains a top channel for corporate internal communications. How does your use of email measure up against internal communications best practices in your industry? Find out with our free IC Grader tool. It takes just a few minutes to fill out – you’ll immediately get a benchmark score against industry best practice. Plus, a customized report to download… Read more »

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