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  November 7, 2014

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Are you following these 8 essential rules in Internal Communications?

November 21, 9:13 AM BY denise cox

  In last week’s webinar my guest was Internal Communications expert Liam FitzPatrick. He’s co-authored a terrific new manual for internal communicators, and shared insights from the book with attendees. It certainly wasn’t going to be possible to cover everything in this excellent manual – so I asked Liam to pick what he considered to… Read more »

Badges – an old idea with new power and potential for Internal Communications

November 19, 2:28 PM BY denise cox

  I invited Andy Blacknell, an Internal Communication specialist who has been a guest on a number of my webinars, to write about an emerging hot topic: badging. Andy explains the concept, where it started – and how it could work as a part of employee engagement strategies.  Were you a Cub Scout or a Girl Guide?… Read more »

The Future of Internal Communication Skills

November 13, 10:00 AM BY Marie Moynihan

Over the last couple of months we have conducted a lot of great industry research, we have got feedback from over 1,000 internal communicators plus some of the best thought leaders in the industry. We have pulled together some of the key findings into an infographic to help put a shape on where we see… Read more »

Internal Communications email benchmark statistics

November 10, 3:39 PM BY denise cox

  [Aggregated stats Newsweaver 2014] Download a blueprint for your global email channel The corporate email channel remains a top go-to tool for internal communicators – but barriers such as inability to measure results are preventing maxium performance. In this whitepaper we summarize key issues around email, provide insight into important barriers to change – and suggest… Read more »

[report] How Internal Communication uses email

October 20, 8:39 AM BY denise cox

  Newsweaver partnered with Ragan Communications to run a survey to learn how Internal Communication teams are using email in their organizations. Over 600 communicators from around the world participated, resulting in the just-published Email Best Practice Survey 2014.  Email remains an essential channel. Communicators are not looking to replace it – only 27% say internal social networks will replace… Read more »

[survey] Challenges Internal Communication senior leaders face

October 14, 8:05 AM BY denise cox

  If you’re a senior Internal Communication professional, you might be interested in taking this short survey being run by consultancy firm HarknessKennett. They’ve crafted six questions designed to gain a different perspective on Internal Communication today. There are a number of research reports already following the trends in Internal Communication and publishing data on the number; but in conducting this… Read more »

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