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Overcoming the barriers to IC measurement – IABC Leadership Forum

  February 6, 2015

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[Q & A] Measuring and Building the Internal Comms Function

February 27, 9:19 AM BY denise cox

In our recent case study webinar we spoke to two internal comms practitioners about two very different challenges: 1) building the IC function from scratch, and 2) creating access to metrics to measure engagement and prove business value. Sue Brockett, Communications Manager for Granite Services, a wholly owned affiliate of GE and Jody Wilkins, Employee Communication… Read more »

Why you should be measuring internal email

February 19, 12:27 PM BY Jamie Pert

Internal communicators are still getting to grips with measurement. Most IC teams still don’t have the tools needed to measure successfully. In a 2014 Melcrum/Newsweaver survey of internal communicators, just 16% were satisfied with their ability to measure their effectiveness. Email seems to be a particular blind spot. While 97% used email as part of… Read more »

Cut the drivel – plain English for internal communications

February 12, 10:24 AM BY Claire O' Brien

Drivel. That is not a word used too often, but it is a good one. According to the Encarta dictionary, it is ‘silly and irrelevant or inaccurate talk’. The Plain English Campaign has a free tool called Drivel Defence. You can put your writing through the tool, and it will tell you if it is… Read more »

Free Webinar | building and measuring the IC function

February 9, 12:39 PM BY denise cox

Join me for my next webinar, taking place Wednesday February 11th at 4pm UK. I’ll be talking to IC leaders at Granite Services, a wholly owned affiliate of GE, and Concur Technologies. Hearing about how your peers are solving their own IC challenges is so valuable – which is why I’ve invited these Newsweaver customers… Read more »

Overcoming the barriers to IC measurement – IABC Leadership Forum

February 6, 10:36 AM BY mossy

Gatehouse’s recent State of the Sector (SOTS) report, once again highlighted better measurement as one of the big gaps in IC best practice. Yet it’s an area in which little or no progress is being made. In an era where the use of apps and smart software is common place in the sector, what are the… Read more »

Surveys – what makes them fail or succeed?

February 2, 4:00 PM BY denise cox

As communicators, we hear and say the words ‘survey fatigue’ all too often in our working day. It is often a symptom of polling too frequently, but more often it’s due to the way employees perceive the value of participating. Surveys do have an important place in employee engagement. Research has shown us that when… Read more »

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