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Overcoming the barriers to IC measurement – IABC Leadership Forum

  February 6, 2015

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Internal Communications State of the Sector Survey

April 1, 8:16 AM BY Claire O' Brien

I invited Ian Harris, Associate Director at Gatehouse Group to write about their newly published State of the Sector survey – one of the largest, most authoritative surveys of Internal Communication professionals. Ian will  join me for a free webinar on 15th April where he will outline in further detail the findings and implications of the… Read more »

Tackling information overload in the social age

March 23, 9:32 AM BY denise cox

Last week I attended the fantastic SMiLE London 2015 event  (check out SMiLE’s Storify of the event). These events look at everything social and digital in the world of Internal Communication. Over 200 internal communicators gathered recently at St. Paul’s etc. venue to hear communicators share their challenges and successes in implementing social and channel… Read more »

Employee engagement is no longer just a buzzword

March 10, 4:02 PM BY Jamie Pert

In theory, employee engagement makes perfect sense. Engaged employees are far more likely to put in the extra effort when dealing with customers, working on projects and adapting to the changes affecting all organizations today. However, until recently it’s been difficult to quantify exactly what affect engagement has on business success. That’s starting to change…. Read more »

Internal communicators: Should you be customizing your global values in some countries to reflect the local culture?

March 5, 11:25 AM BY denise cox

I invited Andy Blacknell, who has been a guest on a number of our webinars, to write about organizational culture and address the issues that Internal Communicators face when disseminating corporate culture and values following international expansion, acquisition or mergers.   Andrew Blacknell is a Change & Communication Consultant with over twenty years experience in… Read more »

[Q & A] Measuring and Building the Internal Comms Function

February 27, 9:19 AM BY denise cox

In our recent case study webinar we spoke to two internal comms practitioners about two very different challenges: 1) building the IC function from scratch, and 2) creating access to metrics to measure engagement and prove business value. Sue Brockett, Communications Manager for Granite Services, a wholly owned affiliate of GE and Jody Wilkins, Employee Communication… Read more »

Why you should be measuring internal email

February 19, 12:27 PM BY Jamie Pert

Internal communicators are still getting to grips with measurement. Most IC teams still don’t have the tools needed to measure successfully. In a 2014 Melcrum/Newsweaver survey of internal communicators, just 16% were satisfied with their ability to measure their effectiveness. Email seems to be a particular blind spot. While 97% used email as part of… Read more »

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