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[webinar] 8 essential rules of Internal Communications

  October 28, 2014

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[report] How Internal Communication uses email

October 20, 8:39 AM BY denise cox

  Newsweaver partnered with Ragan Communications to run a survey to learn how Internal Communication teams are using email in their organizations. Over 600 communicators from around the world participated, resulting in the just-published Email Best Practice Survey 2014.  Email remains an essential channel. Communicators are not looking to replace it – only 27% say internal social networks will replace… Read more »

[survey] Challenges Internal Communication senior leaders face

October 14, 8:05 AM BY denise cox

  If you’re a senior Internal Communication professional, you might be interested in taking this short survey being run by consultancy firm HarknessKennett. They’ve crafted six questions designed to gain a different perspective on Internal Communication today. There are a number of research reports already following the trends in Internal Communication and publishing data on the number; but in conducting this… Read more »

CIPR Inside conference – changing employee behavior for better business

October 10, 1:45 PM BY denise cox

  The theme for this year’s CIPR Inside annual conference was changing employee behavior for better business.  Four themes that emerged for me on the day: Give employees a voice to get buy-in to change, storytelling is the strongest way to communicate change in a way that resonates with every employee, measure to get insight… Read more »

Drive adoption of your social strategy – with email and intranet traffic

October 2, 11:46 AM BY Marie Moynihan

  Last week I got to attend and facilitate a roundtable discussion, at the Simply Communicate summit called Social Media in Large Organizations #smileLondon To open the event Sylvia Cambe and Marc Wright took us through some trends on the State of Employee Social Networks in Europe today. The results were very interesting – the… Read more »

Vodafone delivers targeted employee communications

September 16, 12:01 PM BY Marie Moynihan

Dani Todd, Communications Coordinator with Vodafone UK at our recent customer day and she shared with us some of the ways her team are using Newsweaver Internal Connect to drive employee communications. Employee communications ‘Need to Know’ delivers a round-up of external and internal news happening that week We caught up with Dani Todd, Communications Coordinator… Read more »

AB InBev centralize Internal Communications

September 9, 8:56 AM BY denise cox

Melinda Illes is Internal Communication Coordinator, Europe for AB InBev – and she shared how she was able to meet communication challenges at Newsweaver’s  recent customer day in London AB InBev Europe has 16,000 employees, seven different languages – across 13 countries.  What’s their secret to successfully engaging such a diverse workforce?   At Newsweaver’s… Read more »

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