Blog Olympics – Passing on the Stick

By denise cox posted in Email Marketing,
Monday 08 August 2008

Just saw this post (“Blog Olympics – Passing on the Stick”) from Tamara Gielen (BeRelevant ) … thanks for including my blog on your list of blogs you enjoy reading most!

Tamara wrote: The blogs that I listed are now expected to pass on the stick and list their 7 favorite blogs (they don’t have to be email marketing blogs). The rules are that you have to link back to the blog that passed on the stick to you but you can’t add it to the list of your 7 favorite blogs.

So, here’s the link back to the excellent BeRelevant blog.

And here are just seven of my favourites (there are lots more, but I’ve stuck to the “rules”.) Updated to add: not listed in any particular order.

(**disclosure: I’m one of many contributors. )

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